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Relationship versus Partnership

One of the most common issues I encounter in dating and relationship coaching is what I like to call the better half mindset. In order to tackle this larger issue I will carefully utilize certain language throughout my work to reinforce a healthier perspective. I am going to use the word partnership significantly more often than the word relationship.

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Dictionary definition of Relationship: A romantic or passionate attachment.

Dictionary definition of Partnership: A relationship involving close cooperation between parties having specific responsibilities and joint rights.

The word partnership in our context implies two people working cooperatively towards some common objective.

We should ideally enjoy a true partnership with our romantic partners. While we may engage in different tasks and make different contributions we are progressing through life as partners. You and your partner are two completely independent people, who have chosen to collaborate and build something new together. My writing and coaching style will consistently reflect this view. You were whole before you met your partner and you will be whole after the partnership ends, if it does.

If you don't feel as though you're engaged in a true partnership you may want to evaluate what exactly you and your romantic partner bring to the table. Do you both have responsibilities, duties and rights? Are they fairly balanced? Are you two equal in power and authority in the partnership? And if not, why not? A partnership is no place for entitlements, handouts, or charity work. The two of you are on the same team collaborating together; working on this project we call life.

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