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I spent quite some time scouring the WordPress plugin repository as well as the forums looking for a poll plugin that would allow my registered users to create their own polls for their own posts. All the poll plugins I could find, however, would also allow users to manage polls; which meant they could edit or delete other polls, including admin polls. I had taken a look at the Polldaddy plugin, but unfortunately, until just today, the plugin was not functional with WordPress 2.7.1.

They've now fixed it, the plugin works, and I'm pleasantly surprised at it's ease of use. It also specifically advertises that it's permission system doesn't allow a normal user to edit others polls, but does allow the admin to edit user polls. Perfect!

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The only "drawback," if you consider it one, is that you have to register for a free account on The free account appears to offer unlimited polls and unlimited poll votes, but it does limit you to 100 survey responses per month and 10 questions per survey. It also adds a link to Polldaddy on every poll. Each poll has 19 different skin selections, and though you do have to sign up at, each of your polls can be created completely inside Wordpress.

The Polldaddy plugin generates a section of shortcode, as well as HTML code, which you then use to place your code in your post (shortcode), sidebar (HTML in a text widget), or anywhere else.

For my purposes, the biggest part of this is that now a user can create their own poll in their own post as long as they sign up for a Polldaddy account. This is an acceptable tradeoff, I believe. I'm going to test a poll below. What do you think of the poll, or the Polldaddy service? Register here at Blog Ingenuity and try out a poll yourself! You can even give me some suggestions for the Poll section of my yet-to-be-created FAQ!

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