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Assassins creed black flag Blackbeard Details explained.

He was a brave person and a man of action, it's often visible form his behavior throughout the game that he doesn't fear anyone and lives life by his own rules. The name of ship was Queen Anne's Revenge. He was a member of the Royal Navy in his early years, later during the war he left the Royal Navy and became a privateer. But as peace spread across all over he was left without any means to earn money. So he became a pirate along with the others and his fellow pirate Benjamin Hornigold. Thatch and Edward Kenway had an uncommon friendship as both understood the other's intentions and did the best to save each other and help. They also went through a lot of trouble in trying to keep up their dream of a pirate republic of Nassau alive.

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Do not go gently : Assassins creed black flag Blackbeard

But even after all the trouble Blackbeard suffered a brutal death. But even in his death he remained every inch of the brave and crazy man that he was and kept up his laugh and fighting spirit. Edward Kenway became distressed after his death and said he drinks damnation.

One of the famous quotes of BlackBeard just before dying was ,

"In a world without gold, we might have been heroes!"


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