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SMUG wrap up

I sat down to post my follow up but quickly got sucked into everyone elses blogs. There is too much, let's sum up. Chris covers a lot of it.

Other things I did last night The ReadyReply rewrite was to the UI stage last night and I didn't particularly feel like spending the evening in XP. So I decided that I'd just wrap up the project and move it to linux where I could work on the UI in GTK# and also try and be a bit more helpful for the rest of the gang (Eric didn't have a new build of Meshwork to test in Windows). As it turns out I had the project handy to shout a few lines of my assembly handling code to Eric as he typed away on the box with the projector.

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I like the projector method of group hacking everyone can see what's happening and it's a little more comfortable than all standing hunched over someones shoulder. We we're all able to watch and learn and have a hand in directing where we we're going. We we're so XP! *laughs* Sans the unit tests though - and a lot of stuff. Now that I mention that. Part of my home work is to come up with a NUnit presentation for next time - should be easy, there are what? Like 6 attributes to remember? I should just write some unit tests for the core and the interface and have those ready for the presentation. Then the "in class practice" can be writing channel specific unit tests. =) My.. what inspiration.

My other bit of home work is to come up with a channel for our smuggle app. I had a few ideas a pricewatch channel or a product review aggregator. I had another, but now it's lost to me. Damn my shotty mind.

I wasn't as attentive to the project as I could've been for a bit because Justin noticed that I'd gotten a comment from Rob Mensching. If you've ever had to cross paths with install and MSI then this a fairly cool happening. Sure I'd emailed before, but now I've got a comment on the site? (Justin steals my thunder by telling me that doing a search on WiX Mono and a couple other key words and I come up 4th) So anywho, I spent a while composing my response. I'm long winded.

I still need a web page for the company site. I'm utterly uninspired. I might have a look at mojoPortal. They just had a new release. But interesting as it looks from the outset, it doesn't seem to me to have that company feel to it. But then again.. what do I know? I think I need a designer and not worry so much about an engine.

Oh, and I noticed while trying to compile ReadyReply on Mono, that well never mind. I was going to say that System.Security.Cryptography.Xml wasn't implimented. But it shows as being 99% complete. I must've missed a reference last night.

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