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Now it's almost two weeks since I've started my from fat to fit...

Now it's almost two weeks since I've started my from fat to fit journey and so far things are looking great both in terms of results and the way I feel. Although it's a short time since I have started on this journey, I am already feeling more energized and a whole lot healthier. I have started eating healthier and I am drinking more water and overall am feeling great.

Right now I know that you are dying top hear how much weight I have lost but I won't give you an update on that until day #14 which will be exactly two weeks since I have started. Worry not though because that's only a few days away . Before I get into the daily update reports, I want to talk about a specific topic that a lot of persons often overlook when they are trying to lose weight. That is, the importance of getting adequate rest!

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Resting Is Very Important If You Want To Go From fat To Fit

There are a lot of persons who are trying to go from fat to fit by working out like crazy in the gym. While working out is a good thing to get fit, it can have a negative impact on your body if you don't get adequate rest. What I am saying is that it's okay to take a day or two off every now and then so that your body can recover and repair itself from the strenuous workouts. When you work out in the gym and lift weights for example, there are small tissues in your muscles that tear in order for your muscles to grow. This is the reason why you will feel sore after an intense workout in the gym. Therefore, these muscles must get adequate rest in order to heal themselves. Lack of rest and or over training will limit your results whether you want to gain muscles and strength or fat loss.

Another Reason Why Resting Is VERY Important

Lack of rest/sleep will alter your metabolism and make fat loss more challenging. Lack of sleep is linked to higher levels of insulin which is a hormone that regulates fat storage. SO basically what I am saying is that you could be working out like crazy but not getting the results you desire because you are not getting adequate rest. SO if you are following my from fat to fit journey, and taking action as well, please remember to get adequate rest after your workouts.

How Long Should You Rest?

This will be different for everyone since everyone will have a different body mechanism. Factors to consider would be, how hard you workout, how long you workout, how fast you recover after an exercise as well as your nutrition. You'll need to pay attention to your body and how you feel in order to know how long to rest. A rule of thumb though is that you should never workout a sore muscle. With that being said, you should NEVER workout your abdominals everyday. I specifically mentioned that because I know a lot of persons think that if they do abdominal exercises everyday that will give them a six pack abs. Not true!

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