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Alaska Part One

We had an interesting beginning to our adventures. My best friend/ maid of honor Sarah was supposed to have a flight home Sunday night around 8pm. We dropped her off at the airport and not too long after we got home, she texted me about her flight being delayed. And then...cancelled! We had to wait a long time to find out what the deal was and it turned out to be mechanical issues with the plane. They put her up in a hotel and she ended up having a flight at the same exact time as us the next morning 6am -which was awesome because we're able to meet up with her at the airport in the morning! So I got to see her one last time which I hadn't expected. When we got to the airport we we're running on about 20 minutes of sleep. With all the wedding stuff there just hadn't been time to pack or get ready so we found ourselves up until 2:30am packing and tried to nap until 3:00am but didn't really sleep the whole time. Then off we went.

Needless to say we we're exhausted.

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Then we get to the airport at 4:00am and United wasn't even open! They open at 4:30! That sure would have been nice to know!! So we just stood around, wanting to fall asleep on things.

We made it through the line, went through security saw Sarah in the line and waited for her. We rode the train to the terminal together and our gates we're right next to each other! So it was nice to say goodbye to her right before we really left. Sucks for her though, all that hassle!

We had fairly good flights. The San Francisco airport was so similar to Denver it hardly seemed like we went anywhere. We then hopped a second flight to Vancouver where the airport was actually really awesome! Took some photos there.

We we're stressed about the fact we only had a couple of hours between landing in Vancouver and the cruise ship setting sail. As it happened, our transport ran way late which was even more nerve wracking but the transport was also provided by Princess so we knew they wouldn't leave without us. It was a long process getting on board but by the time we did, our bags we're already in the room so that was awesome.

And the room oh the room!!!! We had gotten a free upgrade to a FULL SUITE. It was the size of a nice hotel room with a HUGE balcony. Absolutely amazing. First when we came up to the door there was a "Happy Honeymoon" sign on the door and "Just Married" balloons hanging in the doorway. So cute. And we had been in the room all of 5 minutes when they showed up with champagne!!! We took one sip is all (we don't like the stuff) but it was nice. Our full suite offered other perks too like free laundry services, which we definitely used treats like chocolate tuxedo strawberries delivered in the afternoon fresh fruit in our room every day.. free internet!!! And more. So that's why you guys got so many facebook updates 😉 Free internet! Thank you free room upgrade!!

We had breakfast in a special dining area for suite guests, or could have breakfast delivered to our room at no extra charge which was great on the days we had to rush off to a morning excursion.

Our room was incredible and definitely the highlight / best perk of the whole trip. Our king size bed was SO COMFORTABLE we got the best sleep of our lives the whole time on the cruise ship. Going to normal hotel beds the 2nd half of the trip was just cruel ? And having that balcony was a HUGE plus for a trip like this because two days of the trip are scenic cruising through glacier areas and you can see/experience everything right from your own balcony. Loved it. And did I mention our bathroom had a Jacuzzi tub?!?! Oh heaven.

For the beginning of the trip we had one evening plus the next full day of just sailing. This was nice for just getting used to the ship, finding where everything was, and sleeping!! We we're SO EXHAUSTED from the wedding, and packing, and traveling we slept a lot those first couple of days. And of course explored the beautiful cruise ship.

The first night on the ship we did not have dinner in the dining room because it was formal night and Ian didn't have a jacket or tie with him. Instead we made reservations at the Italian Restaurant on board. Oh man, was that a mistake!! Nice idea but it turned out to really suck. It's very very slow we sat there for nearly 3 hours. They don't let you order from the menu. Instead it's the kind of thing where you are brought sample sizes of everything on the menu. And everything was weird super gourmet food that is not our style. So I sat there while thing after thing was put in front of me that I would not eat, as I filled up on breadsticks. The only two things I ate we're the little flatbread pizzas and some kind of ravioli in a garlic cream sauce. Now if I could have just ordered those things in larger quantities, I would have really enjoyed my meal. But they don't let you do that, even though you are paying $20 per person to dine there. Not the best way to kick off our experience on the ship, but luckily our times in the buffet and dining room we're much better.

The dining room on the ship was beautiful it very much had a 1930's feel to me. White and gold and chrome organic flowing shapes columns and lights in the ceiling that sparkled. I loved it! I am always drawn to anything from the 1930's so this design style really appealed to me. The food was also quite good, especially their fettuccine alfredo which may have been the best I've ever had!

The whole ship was beautiful and we really enjoyed it. There was both an outdoor pool area and an indoor pool area which was important for Alaska. Even with us having excellent, warmer than usual weather on our trip, it was really too cool for the outdoor pool most of the time. Some people used it but not many. The indoor pool area was really nicely decorated and had two hot tubs. Very nice.

One of our other favorite spots was "the grill". It was an eating area one deck above the outdoor pool that served hot dogs, bratwurst, burgers and pizza. It was really some of the most delicious stuff and better than the lunch buffet so we usually found ourselves having lunch there.

That's about it for our room, the ship, and the first couple of days so now go check out the photos!

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