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So, I have resorted to music.

So, I have resorted to music. It's my safety net for everything. Everything.

Someone says to me "Your hair looks great!"

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I say "That totally reminds me of this new song I heard" *Sick segue Mikayla, nicely done. Tell them more about this song Who sings it? Why do you love it? Are the lyrics profound?* I found the conversation goes a lot more smoothly, until they compliment me again or ask my a skill testing question like "How are you? or What are you up to today?" Then, I generally flop.

I tend to quote songs, send songs, post songs, sing songs, listen to songs, anything really to do with songs that will aid in my major avoidance of something most humans are quite fond of: talking.

Today, my heart literally leapt and flipped and kicked and pirouetted and backflip 360ed and so on when my Uncle came home from work with a guitar for me to use while I am here. I cried. A. Lot.

When I got to the Kelowna airport the day I left for New Zealand, I had my beloved guitar in tow. My parents had SO kindly bought me a hardshell case and offered to pay the extra fees for my guitar to become my travelling companion. Once we arrived at the airport, the fees we're stupidly pricy and we decided to have my parents take my guitar back home with them. I was devastated, but put on a brave face because my mum and I we're already on the verge of tears. And she didn't need to feel guilty about something that wasn't her fault, especially when I wasn't going to see her again for 4 months. But all has been resolved and I feel complete again. I am me with an acoustic in my hands. I'm not a great player, but I truly only play for me. And now my cousin. All day long he had me singing Disney songs! I love the kid, singing, and Disney, but when your throat gets raw from singing for hours on end, you feel as though you love them all a little less But when that guitar showed up, I sang for both of my cousins for another while longer even though my throat hurt, and I remembered how much I really do love all those things listed above.

Music makes everything better. Where words fail, music speaks. I can't even explain how much music means to me; it means the world and then some.

Everyone has a favourite song, or 20,000 favourite songs in my case, so I thought I would share some with you. I prefer live versions of songs to the recorded versions, so I did my best to find those ones, so you can really experience listening to them and loving them as I do.

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