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I could not wait...

I could not wait to get in my car and hand the drive-thru cashier my debit card. I anxiously sat there, plastic in hand, and when it was time to roll-up to the second window, I gratefully paid. Yes, I was ready to satisfy my craving and willing to pay for Burger King to assist me in the process.

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That is the same way your prospects must feel about you.

Your product or service solves a problem, pain, or predicament, right? Well, just because you make a product or service available does not mean that every prospect will be ready to purchase it at that moment. The moment they are ready to purchase is called a trigger point. There will be some event in their lives at some point that will cause them to pull out their card (just like I did) and purchase the product or service.

Now, whether they purchase the product or service from you will depend upon how many times you have "touched" them. That's right, touched them.

Touching Your Prospects

When you touch your prospects, you place yourself in the forefront of a prospect's awareness. In other words, you make sure that you are providing helpful information on a consistent basis related to the problem, pain, predicament/fear. The more the prospect sees you or hears from you, the more they begin to trust you. The more they trust you, the more they are willing to pay you. They pay you because they believe you have the remedy. Point blankperiod.

There are several ways you can touch your prospects on a consistent basis:

  • Engaging in conversations in social media
  • Providing how-to videos
  • Long videos with detailed trainings
  • Short Audios with tips
  • Interviews
  • Articles
  • White Papers or Special Reports
  • Blog Posts
  • Q & A Sessions on Conference Calls
  • Teleseminars/Webinars
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Direct Mail Campaigns (Monthly Contact right into their mailboxes)
  • Email Newsletters (Ezines)

When your prospects come in contact with you and experience your expertise on a regular basis, you get inside their minds. You become the respected "expert" or "solution" that comes to their minds, immediately, when they are seeking that remedy.

How Will You Touch Them?

Your job is to figure out the best ways to touch your prospects and then create an action plan for doing it consistently. Choose 3 ways that you can commit to and then just do them. You will become more comfortable with each one as you commit to them. Your audience will grow and grow and before you know it, loyal clients will form.


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