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Introducing Health Meadows Care Solutions

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We envision home care as the solution for the growing health care needs of Canadians which are not being met by traditional services. We don't see problems, we see solutions tailored to you that are not just about your physical health but that address every DIMENSON of your health. We exist to help you thrive.

We do care differently.

Our Services

Better Home Care Solutions

We are committed to applying best care practices to home care service provision. We go to these efforts to ensure that we are providing care that is evidence informed for our clients so that they can thrive and live their best lives.

We think about home care differently.

Why Different Matters

Happy Healthy Fund

We can appreciate that people want to show their gratitude and tip their CarePROs. At Health Meadows we prefer for clients to show their gratitude by contributing to improving the mental and physical wellness of our PRO Care Team in our organization. To find out more about this program please contact us for more information.

We think differently about employee success.

Changing the Culture of Care

Historically home care has been geared towards the clients, while simultaneously neglecting to recognize and support the care provider resulting in burnout and negative mental health consequences. We aim to change this culture of care. We fundamentally believe that a happy healthy CarePRO/Companion means a satisfied client. For this reason we prioritize the mental and physical health of our workers, so that they in turn are able to provide care and support which exceeds our clients’ expectations.

We think differently about team health and wellness.

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