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What is a CarePRO?

A CarePRO is an exceptional individual. They are ordinary individuals who possess extraordinary qualities. They are dedicated, empathetic, caring and personally and professionally driven. They are PSWs at the top of their game who have also completed additional training in our rigorous Health Meadows Academy so that they are equipped to provide care that exceeds expectations.

Caring with a smile

Our CarePROs are exceptional because they share a passion for helping others, a true caring spirit and devotion towards people who are in need. That's what makes us different.

Attentive listeners

You can share anything with our CarePROs. They are equipped with basic counselling skills and will provide genuine feedback and can refer you to a professional if you need more support than they can provide.

Qualified Caregivers

Our CarePROs are highly trained. They require a PSW certification as well as a certification from our Health Meadows Academy before they are permitted to enter your home. We also conduct an extensive background check to make sure that we only hire the cream of the crop.

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