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Our Story

What Makes Us Different?

We are founded on three principles which guide our care and vision:

 Happy and Healthy 

As in any job there is often little to no support for front line workers. That seems to be the case for most personal support workers in the home healthcare industry. Due to the fact that PSW’s are not properly supported by their respective companies the PSW’s physical and mental health suffers. At Health Meadows Care Solutions we believe that there is a better way of doing things.

After researching the evidence behind this, at Health Meadows we firmly believe that having staff that is mentally and physically healthy translates into higher quality care provision and better health outcomes for our valued clients. That is one of our core beliefs and it is the key to our success.

 Educate for Success 

We have developed Gold Standard in employee training programs that focus on delivering the highest quality care to our clients. Our training programs have been designed in house by our exceptional Employee Wellness Director. These programs have been developed using the latest evidence-based practice. At Health Meadows Care Solutions our employees are required to go through our Health Meadows Academy Training Program and cannot receive the title ‘CarePRO’ without completion of this rigorous program.

Our aim is to provide an exceptional work environment where our CarePROs skill sets are professionally nurtured and also challenged so that they can provide exceptional care to our valued clients regardless of the complexity of your care needs.

Community First

Health Meadows recognizes that the most important resource for our success are our extra-ordinary CarePROS. We have put systems in place to support and enhance their employment at Health Meadows Care Solutions. As much as we care about the well being of our employees we are also aware of the important role that the community plays in our success and we want to reinvest into the communities in which we work and live. Our philosophy to treat our CarePROs well is so that there is a trickle effect that can be felt at the community level.

Our philosophy doesn’t stop at our staff. We strongly believe that philanthropy in our community is the only way to show our gratitude and to share in whatever success we may have as a company. Being a part of the KW region is a blessing for us and we want to make sure that the vulnerable people in our community are properly cared for with all of the love and devotion they deserve. Our aim is to make our community one of the best places to live in Canada. Health Meadows looks for exciting opportunities to get involved in our local community and we welcome any suggestions or opportunities to do that. If you have any suggestions for community events we should be involved in, please let us know by emailing us at

Our Team 

Georgia Makrides

Georgia Makrides

Founder & CEO Extraordinaire
Georgia, a nurse by profession had a dream and a vision: A dream to start a home care company that did care differently - that valued its care team and gave back to the community. She also had a vision, to radically change the care culture that is so prevalent in traditional home care companies. The founding of Health Meadows Care Solutions is the realization of her dream and the application of her vision. She brings so much to this company including an infectious passion, a lot of skill and heart and the spirit of a visionary. All of these attributes will help this company thrive and grow under her leadership. Outside of her professional life, Georgia can be found at home, relaxing with her dog, Artemisia. Interesting fact: She's recently taken up archery as a hobby, and she's quite good!
Mike Streicher

Mike Streicher

Employee Wellness Director
Mike is a passionate individual with a lot of personality and experience. As a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo's Bachelor of Public Health program, Mike brings to the team a knowledge of health promotion techniques which will be important for the health and wellness of our team. Mike has also completed training in various counselling techniques and has experience working in the mental health field. Mike joined our Founder and CEO, Georgia Makrides in her vision and her dream and has worked along side her to help her dream, Health Meadows become a reality. Mike is passionate about employee health and wellness and will be a great contribution to this team.<br /> Outside of his professional life you can find Mike teaching piano lessons, going for a bike with his partner Eric, trying out new restaurants and cuisines or simply reading the latest academic articles. He is kind of a geek after all.

We Welcome Everyone

As part of our mission to Think Differently and Live Well we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service through our dedication to creating a community free of discrimination. Our employees receive the best training in health skills as well as cultural competency and professionalism so that you always feel cared for and respected in your home.

Health Meadows: Home Care Re-Envisioned

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